Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here I am...

Hi there everyone!
It's been a long time (again!) but I've been up to some really cool stuff.
I have to tell you about today first though.
A strange occurrence was happening in the kitchen this afternoon and I had to check it out...momma was cleaning out the pantry!! I'm not sure I have ever seen the floor in that pantry in the 14 months I've been in this house. I thought momma might need my help so I brought my firetruck just in case. I checked everything out and it looked good (she's even up to code with her fire extinguisher!) and decided that the pantry was my new firehouse. My fire engine fits perfectly in there and if there ever is an emergency I can hop on my firetruck, grab an extinguisher and off I go!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ami,
I like that pantry. And what a neat firehouse! Guard mommy's house real good. You are handsome fireman!
G.Grandma Ruth